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Please indicate your preference.  Postage/Delivery will incur extra charges. POA

Pink Fairy Doll – Size Adult Petite (S01)

Bluebird – Size Adult Petite (S02)

Cream / White - Size Adult Petite  (S03)

Red Jewel – Size Adult Petite  (S04)

Bronze/Gold/Cream (Girls 10-12) (J01)

Lilac Fairy (Girls 10-12)  (J02)

Pretty Bluebird (Girls 10-12)  (J03)

White/Silver (Girls 10-12)  (J04)

Green/Aqua (Girls 10-12) (J05)

Bluebird (Girls 6-8) (J06)

Black/Silver (Girls 10-12) (J07)


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