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Pink Fairy Doll – Size Adult Petite (S01)

Bluebird – Size Adult Petite (S02)

Cream / White - Size Adult Petite  (S03)

Red Jewel – Size Adult Petite  (S04)

Lilac Fairy - Size Adults Petite (S05)

Turquoise Jewel - Size Adults Petite (S06)

Black Swan - Size Teen 12-14 (S07)

Pink Ombre Skirt (S08)

Dewdrop (S09)

Pink Tulle Layer (S10)

Bronze/Gold/Cream (Girls 10-12) (J01)

Lilac Fairy (Girls 10-12)  (J02)

Pretty Bluebird (Girls 10-12)  (J03)

White/Silver (Girls 10-12)  (J04)

Green/Aqua (Girls 10-12) (J05)

Bluebird (Girls 6-8) (J06)

Black/Silver (Girls 10-12) (J07)

Purple Jewel (Girls 10-12) (J08)

Blue and White Icicle (Girls 12-14) (J09)

Prettiest Pink (Girls Small 10) (J10)


Navy Draped Solo Dress (A S) (LCB 01)

Yellow Lace (A M)  (LCB 02)

Slate Blue Lyrical Dress (A S)(LCB 03)

Maroon Dress (A M) (LCB 04)

Navy Romantic Style Dress (A M) (LCB 05)

Wine Roman Inspired (A S) (LCB 06)

Luxe Forest (A M)  (LCB 07)

Bold Hologram Metallic (S A) (LCB 08)

Pretty In Pink (L C) (LCB 09)

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