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Image by Tim Gouw
  • How long can I hire the Tutu for?
    Tutus are available for a hire period of either one or three months. Alternative hire durations may be available on request.
  • Do I have to live in Sydney to hire from A Tutu Tale?
    No, while most people who hire our tutus live locally, we post our tutus Australia wide. Unfortunately, we cannot offer international hire.
  • Which tutu should I choose for an eisteddfod dance?
    Tutus are usually chosen according to the specific dance being performed, however in our experience, we find that a dancer performs best when they have chosen a tutu that they love and feel magical in.
  • How will I know that my tutu will fit?
    A Tutu Tale is an online tutu hire business and for this reason we are unable to offer customised fittings. This is how we keep our hiring fees affordable. Each tutu description has an extensive list of the body measurements that it has been created for. We encourage customers to carefully measure their dancer (refer to our measuring recommendations) and ensure that the measurements of the tutu align with those of the dancer. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds if a hired tutu does not fit. Generally, tutus with an elasticated bodice will offer greater fit flexibility, while non-stretch bodices need to more closely match individual measurements. Good quality non-stretch bodices, such as ours, do have two rows of hook and eye closures (3.5cm apart) which allow greater fit flexibility. Please note that alterations must not be made to any tutus owned by A Tutu tale.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    As per our terms and conditions a fully refundable deposit of $50 is charged in addition to the hiring cost for each tutu. The deposit fee will be fully refunded upon return of the tutu in an acceptable condition. Tutus must be free from damage and returned on or before the last day of the hire period.
  • Should I clean the tutu after I finish with it?
    A cleaning fee is included in your hire cost and for this reason we request that you do not attempt to clean any of our tutus yourself. We also ask that dancers refrain from eating messy food when wearing our tutus, and take particular care to avoid getting any make up or hair product stains on the fabric. Adhesives or bonding tapes must also not be used. As outlined in our terms and conditions of hire, dirty or stained tutu’s will incur an additional cleaning fee. Damage to the tutu will result in a repair cost, while significant damage will result in the full replacement fee being charged (the damaged tutu will be returned to you to keep).
  • How should I store the tutu?
    All hire tutus are delivered in a professional tutu storage bag to prevent them being damaged with surface dirt, dust or mould. We ask that the tutus be kept in the provided tutu bag when not being worn. The bags should be stored flat (preferably off the ground in humid or damp climates), with the bag semi-unzipped to allow air flow.
  • How should I pack the tutu for posting and return?
    All tutus will be posted via Australia post or a local courier company. Tracking will be provided. Postage costs are charged in addition to the hiring fee and refundable deposit. Tutus are to be returned (with tracking) n the same packaging (at the hirers expense). Care must be taken to pack the tutu carefully to avoid damage. A packing instruction sheet will be provided. The tutu must be returned by the last day of the hire period or additional fees will be charged. Delivery and Pick Up (Sydney metro) is available upon request. The cost of this service will vary according to delivery location. Please contact us if a delivery quote is required.
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