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Image by Kazuo ota

Created from a love for the exquisite beauty of tutus, and the magic and sparkle they bring to the stage, A Tutu Tale is about making dreams more than just dreams.

With an expanding collection of beautiful tutus available to hire, A Tutu Tale

offers an affordable, convenient and environmentally conscious option for young dancers to perform in a costume of their dreams. Each of our tutus are of excellent quality, in beautiful condition and we have a range of styles and sizes available.

Create your own dance story with

A Tutu Tale

Image by Anita Austvika

A Tutu Tale is the creation of a young aspiring ballet dancer in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

 Passionate about ballet but knowing very well the expense associated with tuition, the cost of pointe shoes and the dismay when the last year’s expensively perfect tutu suddenly seems to have shrunk in size, A Tutu Tale was born!

Having acquired a collection of beautiful tutus over the years, each an investment in its own right, it made sense to share them with other young dancers. In a time of rising costs and a growing focus on fast fashion, we offer an affordable way of accessing a different tutu for each performance, without the expensive outlay.

Let one of our tutus embellish your dance tale with all the magic, sparkle and beauty that you deserve.

Image by Kazuo ota

How it Works

1. Choose a tutu - Click Here 

2. Use the Tutu Measurement Guide to confirm an appropriate fit

3. Send a picture to your ballet teacher to confirm suitability for your dance.

4. Click on the Rent Tutu button and complete the requested information.

5. We will then email you an Order Form (Hire Agreement and Conditions) for you to sign and return, as  as well as instructions for payment.

6. Once payment is received, your tutu will then be ready for postage, pick up or delivery. 

How it Works


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